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! Solve your way through 250 unique flower puzzles
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Flower Paradise is a puzzle game in the classic match 3 style, where the objective is to transform a plain piece of land into a Japanese garden populated with flowers, trees, animals, and décor items. To start decorating your garden you will need money to buy items from the shop section. And for that, you will be playing a series of typical match 3 puzzles. These consist of tile-swapping levels where the goal is to turn the game board into grass. The amount of cash collected at the end of a match 3 round will depend on the time taken to complete it, as well as on the amount of combos created. Once you make a bit of cash, you can buy things to embellish your garden. You will see that the items you can afford will be activated, and hovering your mouse over one of them will show you its description and its cost. The three bars or meters on the top show your progress, and these will indicate when the garden is complete. After these meters are filled, you can keep working on the same garden, or you can choose any of the new gardens unlocked, which will be set on different locations.
The game starts with fairly easy-to-solve match 3 levels, but things complicate a bit as you progress, setting the action on more intricate boards and adding boulders or ice tiles which require extra steps to remove them. The spade, the shuffle icon, or the sun to melt the ice, are some of the power ups that you can make use of to complete these upper levels.
There are two game modes to choose, and a new game mode called Box Free will be unlocked if you manage to complete the first garden. As a plus, the gardens you create can be used as wallpapers and screensavers.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great looking graphics
  • Nice music
  • Entertaining


  • A bit repetitive, and lacks originality
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